ALMEST is proud to have assisted in transforming undeveloped areas into thriving communities by building educational and health facilities of all sizes in almost all the regions of Oman.

ALMEST’S expertise in construction is not limited to construction of educational and health facilities as stated above – an area in which it has concentrated more over the years to achieve high turnover. It encompasses the construction of luxury villas, high rise residential buildings and commercial complexes also.

ELECTROMECHANICAL division of ALMEST has equally contributed to the community by successfully executing several street lighting jobs, installation of sub stations, wiring of commercial buildings and luxury villas for lighting, fire fighting and security.

INTERIOR DÉCOR/CARPENTRY division of ALMEST has taken great strides and executed several large and small interior décor/carpentry jobs for colleges, luxury villas, prestigious shops and commercial / residential buildings – with its well equipped carpentry workshop at Ghala.